Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns is back in the headlines, but not for his music. The vocalist entered a guilty plea to a drunk driving charge in Newcastle, Australia related to an incident that occurred in October.

According to The Daily Telegraph, police records show that Johns was driving his black Jaguar in the Newcastle suburb of Merewether on Oct. 28 when officers pulled him over for a random breathalyzer test. Johns blew a 0.126, which is 2 1/2 times the legal limit.

"In the opinion of police, the accused was moderately affected by intoxicating liquor when he was stopped by police," the court documents stated. "His eyes were watery, bloodshot and he smelt heavily of intoxicating liquor."

As a result of the offense, Johns' drivers license was suspended and he was also ordered to undergo a Traffic Offenders Program. Speaking to reporters outside the court, Johns offered a brief apology for his actions before being driven away. Sentencing will take place on Feb. 26.

Silverchair arrived on the scene in 1994 with their debut disc 'Frogstomp,' which yielded the radio favorite song 'Tomorrow.' The band released five albums, all of which topped the ARIA chart in Australia for album sales. Silverchair released their last disc, 'Young Modern,' in 2007, but have been inactive since announcing an "indefinite hibernation" in 2011. According to Johns' recent Instagram posts, the rocker appears to be in the studio working on a new album with producer M. Phazes.

Silverchair, 'Tomorrow'

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