Welcome back, Skillet! The veteran rockers last graced the airwaves with music from their 2013 effort Rise, but they'll be back soon with a brand new disc called Unleashed.

The 12-track studio album was a full year in the making and it's now on schedule for an Aug. 5 street date. The band wrote or co-wrote every song on the disc, employing the assistance of producers Brian Howes, Kevin Churko, Neal Avron and Seth Mosely along the way.

"I wanted to make an album that could make people feel the music," said Skillet’s John Cooper. "I always aim to write songs to which people can relate, but this time I wanted to see not only how the songs would connect lyrically, but also how they’d connect musically."

The band is kicking things off with an anthemic rocker titled "Feel Invincible" and you can hear and see the song in the lyric video above. Other songs highlighted in the press release announcing the album include the memorable album closer "The Resistance," and standout cuts "Back From the Dead," "Stars" and "Out of Hell."

As stated, Skillet's Unleashed will drop on Aug. 5, but you can go ahead and pre-order the disc via Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay. Skillet will return to the road on May 28 in Denmark, rolling through Europe until early July, after which they'll return stateside. See all of their dates via their website.

Skillet, Unleashed Track Listing

1. "Feel Invincible"
2. "Back From the Dead"
3. "Stars"
4. "I Want to Live"
5. "Undefeated"
6. "Famous"
7. "Lions"
8. "Out of Hell"
9. "Burn It Down"
10. "Watching for Comets"
11. "Saviors of the World"
12. "The Resistance"

Skillet, Unleashed Artwork

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Atlantic Records

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