Sleep Token, the masked and anonymous British band that recently shook the rock and metal world with heavy, scream-laden, post-metal singles such as "Vore" and "The Summoning," released their latest tune on Thursday (April 20). The new track, "DYWTYLM," is a modern pop love song bordering on R&B with smooth vocals and no guitars or live drums whatsoever.

Indeed, "DYWTYLM" — the title stands for "Do You Wish That You Loved Me," the hooky refrain in the song — sounds more akin to Maroon 5's 2019 hit "Memories" than anything resembling rock or metal. But what do Sleep Token fans have to say about it?

Hear the song down at the bottom of this post.

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Sleep Token have done this before. While even their harder-edged tracks often contain more moody passages, they also have complete piano-and-vocal recordings, like a 2018 cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya!"

So far on Twitter, listener reaction to "DYWTYLM" seems mainly positive, with only a few naysayers chiming in. "The new [Sleep Token] track is different but lovely," one listener remarked. It "goes to show that you can make great music because it feels right and not have to contain yourself" to a genre, another said.

However, an additional Twitter user offered, "Sleep Token is just Five Finger Death Punch for people who like Radiohead." Another said, "how did we go from the masterpiece that is vore to this."

See more reactions from Twitter below.

The Sleep Token album Take Me Back to Eden arrives on May 19. Sleep Token tour the U.S. this fall. Get Sleep Token concert tickets here. For more rock news, sign up for Loudwire's newsletter and download the Loudwire app.

Early Twitter Fan Reaction to Sleep Token's "DYWTYLM" - April 20

Sleep Token, "DYWTYLM" (Do You Wish That You Loved Me)

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