In January of last year, Smashing Pumpkins mainman Billy Corgan expressed little desire to reunite the band's classic lineup that delivered all-time albums like Gish and Siamese Dream. His stance seemed to soften as the year played out and now there's even more reason to believe fans will have the opportunity to witness the core four members of the legendary alternative band back onstage together.

As a guest on 99.7 WLUP, Corgan told Mancow Muller (audio below), “I just talked to (Pumpkins guitarist James Iha) the other day — things look good for us to play." The Smashing Pumpkins frontman was reluctant to reveal whether this meant Iha would be rejoining the group or playing with Corgan in some other capacity.

In March of 2016, Iha stepped onstage with Corgan and original drummer Jimmy Chamberlin (listed as a touring member of the band) in Los Angeles as part of the Pumpkins' 'In Plainsong' tour. The guitarist played through songs like “Mayonaise,” “Soma,” “Rocket,” “Spaceboy,” “Today,” “Whir” and “Disarm."

With three-quarters of the original lineup onstage that night, the lone member left out was bassist D'Arcy Wretzky. Corgan made headlines when he reached out to his estranged bass player in May of last year, penning a heartfelt birthday message, stating, "And speaking of those I’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with, I see that it’s D’Arcy Wretzky’s birthday today: So a big and happy B-Day to her from here! I’m encouraged to hear that she is playing music once more, and writing songs. As I’ve often said, no one had better musical discernment in our band than she."

Corgan went on to add, "As I head home, it’s crazy to think that it was nearly 30 years ago that I began this wild and wooly journey, and that meeting James, then D’Arcy, then Jimmy would alter all of our lives forever; for the better, I would argue."

While 2016 saw Slash and Duff McKagan rejoin Guns N' Roses and Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only bury the hatchet to reunite under the Misfits moniker, 2017 may possibly bring some reunion fortune as well.

Billy Corgan on 99.7 WLUP

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