You figured it was only a matter of time. We've seen sock puppets parodying Slayer and hailing Santa in a black metal Christmas parody. Now the sock puppets are taking on the Metallica classic 'Master of Puppets.'

Under the clever name Lintallica, the sock puppets offer up such lyrics as "End of laundry day / Folding me away / Lost in the depths within this dresser / No other stripe in sight / Begin this lonely fight / Mismatched sock with just one purpose."

Even more hilarious is the chorus, which now goes off as, "Get glue that's Krazy / Googly eyes look lazy / Get glue that's Krazy / Yarn hair looks amazing / 'Mazing."

Check out the video above, which closely mirrors the look of the 1989 '…Justice for All' tour, but still has a tribute to Cliff Burton in the form of a mop-headed blonde haired sock puppet.

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