Street performers are everywhere, sometimes playing for free but more often than not accepting any donations that may find their way into the hat or case placed to the side. Sometimes it's just one person strumming an acoustic guitar, other times it's an elaborate drum setup made from various buckets, but an unsuspecting crowd on the streets of London got something even better: Steel Panther!

That's right, everyone's favorite hair metal jokesters took to the cobblestones with Metal Hammer armed with just an acoustic guitar for Satchel and a pair of shakers for drummer Stix Zadinia. The busking move was made in an effort to promote the upcoming Steel Panther record/DVD, Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage, which is an acoustic live album that features four brand new songs. The crude crew sang a brief rendition of one of their many hilarious hits, "Community Property" (video above) as onlookers gathered around, taking pictures and videos with their phones.

As the band starts the song, singer Michael Starr points to his guitarist and says, "Satchel on the drums!" and the six-stringer thumps the body of his acoustic to mimic a small drum fill. Starr changes a bit of the lyrics, exclaiming, "London, we love you!" and ends by singing, "Cocaine is awesome." The crowd claps and slowly disperses following the minute-long street session.

Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage will be out Feb. 26 and contains cuts like "Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)," "Gloryhole" and "Death to All But Metal" alongside new songs "Say Yeah!," "That's When You Came In," "Michael Don't Know" and "Grindy and Sexy."

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