Got a pet peeve? Don't we all? But Steel Panther have decided to put pen to paper to air their grievances in a new song aptly titled "Fuck Everybody."

The band humorously extends their middle finger to those who don't clean up after their pets, who don't practice proper hygiene before getting in enclosed spaces, who are stuck in their phone while driving and plenty of other inconsiderate conditions. Here's an anthem we should all be able to get behind.

"Fuck Everybody" is the latest song to be released off the band's upcoming album Heavy Metal Rules. The disc drops this Friday (Sept. 27) and is the culmination of a very arduous process putting the release together.

As was recently revealed by singer Michael Starr, the vocalist actually had to re-do his vocals twice for the new album. The first came when the band's hard drives for their new album were damaged, forcing them to re-record their entire release. However, as Starr got ready to do so he noticed there was something off in his voice and ended up being diagnosed with a polyp on his vocal chord by his doctor. After having surgery to alleviate the issue, Starr returned to the studio to record vocals yet again.

With a new album en route, Steel Panther are currently on tour with the current leg booked into mid-October. More dates will be coming in November and December, with additional shows already booked in the New Year. Check out all their tour dates here.

Steel Panther, "Fuck Everybody"

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