The bad news earlier this year was that Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington suffered a significant ankle injury that put an early end to the band's winter touring. But he's currently recording with his other band, Stone Temple Pilots, and that group's guitarist, Dean DeLeo, reports that Bennington is healing quickly despite the severe nature of they injury.

DeLeo, speaking to WAAF-FM host Mistress Carrie, gave an update on Bennington's progress as the singer also fronts STP. "He's healing pretty quickly," states DeLeo. "He's just of that mindset and physicality where he wills his body to do that."

DeLeo added, "He hurt himself badly. It was not only a break -- the guy tore darn near every ligament in his ankle. They had to go in on each side. He has about a five-inch incision on each side. They had to go in and assemble a big bowl of spaghetti."

Shortly after the surgery took place, Bennington posted photos of himself in wheelchair and another photo that gave an up close look at his swelled foot and the incision made into his ankle. Those photos can be seen here.

As stated, Bennington is also a member of Stone Temple Pilots and the band recently got back to work on their next batch of compositions. DeLeo stated in the interview that their new music is "rawkin'," and he adds, "It kind of sounds like us. I'd like to think it's not anything we've done before -- we don't want to repeat ourselves."

Stone Temple Pilots will return to the road in April, while Linkin Park also have dates on the horizon, as well. Among Linkin Park's shows is a headlining slot at the inaugural Loudwire Music Festival in Grand Junction, Colo., the weekend of June 26-28.

Listen to more of Dean DeLeo's interview with WAAF's Mistress Carrie below.

Stone Temple Pilots' Dean DeLeo Talks With WAAF-FM host Mistress Carrie

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