It's just impossible to not have a good time when listening to Suicidal Tendencies. The crossover thrash legends' raucous energy is built for the stage (or the skate park) and they embody the message behind the song "Living for Life" in their latest music video.

The track comes off the group's latest album, World Gone Mad, which was released last year. Suicidal Tendencies trim the fat, cutting the song down from nearly five minutes in length to a lean, sub-three minute offering that keeps the momentum rolling with a series of snare-dancing fills from drummer Dave Lombardo.

Regarding the video, it runs through various clips of Suicidal Tendencies' frenetic live shows, ranging from dust-kicking circle pits at festivals to the more street (and vert) worthy scenes taking place in a skate park. Between the performance clips, frontman Mike Muir aggressively stalks backstage areas littered with messy shelves, shouting his message straight into the camera, imploring fans to just live life.

Earlier this month, Muir stated that World Gone Mad could possibly be the band's final studio album... but he didn't rule out EPs! Suicidal broke the news on Facebook that new material would be arriving in the fall later this year under the abbreviated format.

Speaking with Full Metal Jackie earlier this year, the Suicidal Tendencies frontman commented, "We found that over the years we record a lot of stuff just because we love doing music and having fun and not necessarily loving the aspect of putting it out for other people to hear or judge. But I think that with World Gone Mad, I think it’s a personal statement record to fit in with all what else we’ve got in the past. It’s a good way to end it..."

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