Suspect208, the young rock group formed last year that featured the offspring of some very influential rockers — the teen-to-early-20s age kids of Guns N' Roses' Slash, Metallica's Robert Trujillo and late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland — have called it quits.

According to Wall of Sound, Suspect208's London Hudson (drums) and Niko Tsangaris (guitarist) have formed a new band, S8nt Elektric. Bassist Tye Trujillo, who once filled in for Korn before co-founding Suspect208, is currently moonlighting with acts such as Ottto, Thredge and others. Lead singer Cody Houston, who replaced vocalist Noah Weiland in the outfit earlier this year, is set to become a new parent.

"We decided to end it because Tye left and Cody left to be a dad and we didn't want to keep dividing up our fan base by getting new people," Tsangaris shared. "We're starting a clean slate with [S8nt Elektric] and we're all very excited about it. There's some amazing musicians in that band and we're all very driven!"

During their time together, Suspect208 with Noah released the songs "Long Awaited" and "All Black." To introduce Houston as their singer, they issued the single "Nicotine." The band was also part of Alice Cooper's "Driven to Perform" talent search. Suspect208's latest (and presumably final) number, "You Got It," was just released last month.

S8nt Elektric's debut single, "My Eyes," also arrived in April. Per Tsangaris, the new band plan to release a total of four new songs by the fall. "We've been writing a lot together and it's been going great!" the guitarist said. "We have a song set to release for the end of each month." Prior to Suspect208, Hudson and Tsangaris started their music career with Classless Act.

Suspect208 have yet to announce the breakup on their Facebook page. S8nt Elektric will play 2021's BottleRock Napa Valley festival later this year. Otto have both BottleRock and Lollapalooza booked as well.

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S8nt Elektric, "My Eyes"

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