The Devil Wears Prada singer Mike Hranica is a productive force in the studio, on the stage, and with a pen and paper. The Ohio metalcore act's frontman is set to release Three Dots & the Guilt Machine, his third book in three years. His last two books were closely related to the band and his lyrics, but this time things are a little different.

Serving up his thoughts on the book, Hranica describes it as "a five year compilation of poetry, prose, and general nonsense...a collection of writing that rarely finishes its breath. A hundred fifty-something pages of what one might consider eclectic truth fiction." This sounds like a gateway into the singer's mind and is sure to intrigue fans who are always looking to consume any and all information they can about their favorite band.

Three Dots and the Guilt Machine is available for $15.00 and can be purchased directly from the band's website.

Hranica's first book, One and a Half Hearts, delves deeper into the lyrics behind The Devil Wears Prada's fourth studio release, Dead Throne. The frontman's second book came out in 2013, as well, and provides a detailed story behind the song Home for Grave, which is also the title of the book.

The Devil Wears Prada will be hitting the road on the monthlong co-headlining Apollo X tour with Motionless in White and support coming from Upon a Burning Body, the Word Alive and the Color Morale. The trek will span over one month starting Oct. 17 in Long Island, N.Y., and wrapping up in Minneapolis on Nov. 20. See the full list of dates here.

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