Like The Thing, Marilyn Manson has seamlessly taken on different forms while ultimately remaining true to his mission. As perhaps rock's greatest agent of chaos, Manson has sought to shock and challenge the public via imagery for over two decades. To celebrate a true original, we've put together the ultimate collection of Manson's many looks throughout the years.

From his life as a Spooky Kid, Antichrist Superstar or Mephistopheles of Los Angeles, Marilyn Manson's physicality marked exactly what he wished to represent at the time. When Manson chose to shine a light on the vanity of Hollywood during the Mechanical Animals era, he transformed himself into the embodiment of that zeitgeist. Shortly after, when Manson was being blamed for the Columbine shootings, he embraced that media's portrayal by adopting some of his career's most disturbing and hellish imagery for Holy Wood.

Stripped down, swagged out or fear incarnate, Marilyn Manson has relentlessly affected millions with his visual concepts. Take a look at Marilyn Manson throughout the years in our gallery below! Of course, make sure to grab a copy of Manson's newest album, Heaven Upside Down.

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