It's a long way back for The Ghost Inside, who have just resumed practicing together as a group after dealing with a multitude of injuries relating to their horrific 2015 bus crash. One of the most significant injuries suffered in the tragic accident was drummer Andrew Tkaczyk losing his right leg in the incident, but like Def Leppard's Rick Allen who found an alternate way to drum for the band minus his arm, Tkaczyk has found what looks to be a solution to drumming without his leg.

In a social media post seen below, the drummer revealed a device created by his father that they've been calling "the hammer," which has allowed him a more comfortable and conducive way to play drums minus his appendage.

"My Dad is quite the handy-man, and came up with this great idea," says Tkaczyk. "Playing drums with a prosthetic leg just wasn’t working out. The timing was way too off. There was a latency. It was awkward and clunky. My Dad had a vision of designing me a device where I didn’t need to attach my prosthesis at all. This way there is no weight my limb has to lift which eliminates fatigue, and gives me a FAR better action when striking the pedal."

The drummer says he still has a long way to go before he has it perfectly mastered, but he absolutely feels he's heading in the right direction in terms of playing as close to his full potential as possible.

In a separate post, the drummer spoke of his continued recovery. "Beyond a shadow of a doubt the last two and a half years has been the hardest and darkest time I’ve ever faced. There were times when I felt like giving up. Times I felt like I was in limbo, and times where things seemed as if they’d never look up again. But something inside me kept reminding me to never give up and to make something more of myself than I ever would have before. There truly is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s up to you how you choose to reach it," says Tkaczyk.

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