The Pretty Reckless have generated a considerable amount of buzz regarding their latest album, Who You Selling For. The album has been propelled by the singles "Take Me Down" and, as seen in the new music video above, "Oh My God."

Immediately distancing itself visually from the conventional music video, the rollicking energy of "Oh My God" is represented by a split frame, showing different clips in each window. The band performs in a hazy, sepia-like hue. We're treated to close up shots of singer Taylor Momsen as her gritty wail runs through a number of slightly self-deprecating thoughts.

The two frames work well within the lyrical message, which seems to portray a conflicted mindset, dissatisfied with the current state of being, wishing it all could be changed.

When Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez spoke with Momsen last year, she asked which songs that seemed to write themselves with little effort. The frontwoman responded, "They all kind of did and then they all kind of didn’t in the same way. I think 'Oh My God' kind of wrote itself quickly. but it’s also something I worked on for about two years, but the core of it really came fast."

After the first single, "Take Me Down," was released, it set a record as The Pretty Reckless became the first band to see their first four singles all top the Mainstream Rock chart, breaking the previous tie they held with 3 Doors Down. This achievement also added to their record of most No. 1 singles from a female-fronted group.

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