The Temperance Movement are back and ready to rock you once more. The band has teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively premiere their new video for "White Bear" and they put a visually interesting spin on the idea of a performance video.

In the clip, you see live wire singer Phil Campbell and the band delivering a performance of the title track from their new album, a cut that exhibits both subtle restraint and raw power over the course of it's 3-minute plus runtime. But this is no ordinary performance clip, as director Steven Sebring manages to manipulate time and light with some interesting camera techniques that capture the beauty in movement of a rock band fully engrossed in their playing.

Bassist Nick Fyffe tells us, “I had met Steven a few years ago. He was making a video for a mutual friend whose band I was in at the time. We remained in touch and when passing through New York last year, Steven graciously agreed to take some photographs of the band. We visited his studio where we were introduced to his revolution system and invited to enter the ‘fourth dimension.’ Steven came to the show later that evening and when hanging out afterwards, we started to chat about the ‘White Bear’ album and how we could involve him. He shot the cover artwork a few weeks later and delivered an image that exceeded our expectations."

Fyffe adds, "The idea of doing the ‘White Bear’ video using the Revolution system was an exciting prospect and the results are stunning. Our connection with Steven has given us the opportunity to make a visually beautiful piece of work using techniques that haven't been seen before."

Director Steven Sebring also discussed the experience, stating, “The Revolution system allows us to manipulate time and light to capture the true essence of the body and spirit of the subject. The Temperance Movement embraced and embodied my vision and this is the result.”

"White Bear" is the title track from The Temperance Movement's album of the same name. The disc is on schedule to drop July 15 via Fantasy Records and you can currently pre-order the album via Amazon and iTunes. And if you liked what you saw out of the video, the band does put on a great live show and you can catch them on tour at these locations.

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