Theory of a Deadman have created a rock star’s worst nightmare with their new video for the single 'Bitch Came Back' off of their latest album ‘The Truth Is…’

In the video, which is premiering on ARTISTdirect, a beautiful yet crazed fan of the group comes back for vengeance. With its old school look, the visualization matches perfectly with the catchy song.

As the band performs for some pretty girls in bikinis at a private pool party, the super fan tries to get access but unfortunately does not get through. The video is incredibly witty and humorous, and frontman Tyler Connolly’s facial expressions are priceless.

The video documents how a day of partying for Theory of a Deadman quickly turns into a night of redemption for the “bitch,” who proceeds to exact revenge on the band members one by one.

We won't give away the very ending of the video, but it involves Connolly coming face to face with his female rival. If only the band let the girl into the private pool party, all of this could have been avoided.

Watch the Theory of a Deadman 'Bitch Came Back' Video at ARTISTdirect