Canadian rockers Theory of a Deadman have produced a sassy anthem for men with girl problems in their new single ‘Bitch Came Back’ off of their latest album. ‘The Truth Is…’

The song starts off with a lullaby-like guitar strum, which complements frontman Tyler Connolly’s soft vocals but contrasts with the forceful lyrics.

With a very catchy chorus, this song is undeniably infectious: ”The bitch came back the very next day / Oh, the bitch came back, I thought she was a goner / But, the bitch came back, she couldn't stay away / Don't you know the bitch came back?”

Complete with an jazzy trumpet and rumbling bass line, which appeals to hip shakers and hard rockers alike, the song is also incredibly radio friendly except for the repetition of a certain word.

The track oozes “I am man, hear me roar,” especially with self-governing lyrics “The trouble with girls is they're all the same / Forget the diamonds and pearls they just want a ring / Before you know it you're like a dog on a leash / Well you can try and change the world but you won't change me.”

The tune ends with a casual xylophone and military snare rhythm as if Theory of a Deadman have awakened the minds of men who have been trapped by infuriating she devils.

Theory of a Deadman are getting ready to hit the road with 3 Doors Down and Pop Evil this fall.

Listen to Theory of a Deadman, 'Bitch Came Back'