Theory of a Deadman wrap up their headlining jaunt on the 2011 Carnival of Madness Tour tonight (Sept. 18) in Dayton, Ohio, and after a summer of touring, chances are band members will enjoy some time away from the road. Still, guitarist Dave Brenner says he wouldn’t trade his rock ‘n’ roll life for anything. After all, it allows him to still be a kid at age 33.

“This job has allowed me to not have to grow up which is weird. I notice it more when I go on tour with Motley Crue and you start hanging out with Tommy Lee and you are like, ‘Ok, this is what it is actually like to not grow up,���” he told the City Beat. “I still have to go home and feel like I have responsibilities and take care of things. But when I come here, I am like a kid that plays for six weeks straight [with] nothing to do but have a good time and goof off with everybody. I’m not complaining.”

Ten years from now, though, Brenner doesn’t see the touring a part of his life. “I don’t know, 43 … I don’t think I can picture myself doing this. It’s not cool to be a 45-year-old rocker trying to rock on stage. You have to change it up. It can’t be the same. You can’t be 45 playing ‘Bad Girlfriend.’

“I try not to think about it,” he added. “Lately we have been sitting here, reminiscing going, ‘I can’t believe how fast this time has gone by.’… I’m 33 now, [and] I was 22 when we started playing in this band.”

Theory of a Deadman won’t take a break for too long, as their tour with 3 Doors Down and Pop Evil kicks off the end of September.

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