Most hard rock fans have heard Theory of a Deadman, but would you be able to place a face with the music? That's the basis for the Tyler Connolly-starring web series, 'You Don't Know Me,' in which the Theory frontman takes to the streets to ask strangers if they know him and to familiarize them with his band's music. Check out the exclusive premiere of the Los Angeles episode below.

The latest installment finds the Canadian rocker heading to Los Angeles and visiting Venice Beach. While there he runs into a mixed reaction trying to engage people at the skate park but has a better run of things getting people to stop and talk along the walkway.

However, even though some gave Connolly a few minutes of their time, it was done so begrudgingly. As the singer shows one Venice Beach visitor his band's video for 'Hurricane,' he boasts, "There's me hugging a chick. That's pretty much third base right there," while the non-impressed young woman fires back, "There's only one?!"

There are plenty of other interesting reactions from people of different age, sex and race and yes, Connolly, actually does come across someone along the Venice Beach walkway who does recognize him.

Check out the latest episode in the 'You Don't Know Me' video series below and pick up a copy of Theory of a Deadman's latest album, 'The Truth Is … ' this location.

Watch Tyler Connolly's Latest 'You Don't Know Me' Video Installment