Tremonti are going back to back, readying Dust, the successor to last year's CauterizeThe full length was recorded during the same sessions as Cauterize, but the group stresses the 10 songs on the album are not just a collection of leftovers or B-sides. Apprehensive fans can breathe a collective sigh after first hearing the sample of the thunderous "Catching Fire" and now over one minute of "The Cage" in the video above.

The sample of "The Cage" showcases Mark Tremonti's pension for writing punchy and unforgettable hooks along with his diverse musicianship, teetering on the edge of modern hard rock and punishing heavy metal with fret-melting solos. Tremonti is flanked by Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen, drummer Garrett Whitlock and second guitarist Eric Friedman.

Speaking about the album, Tremonti told the Pulse of Radio (via Blabbermouth), "We went in there with the goal of recording 20 songs, and then when it came time to release the songs, I didn't want to put 13 songs on one record and then have seven B-sides," he said. "I wanted all these songs to be thought of as songs that were meant to be on an album. None of these are throwaway songs. So we cut 'em into two ten-song albums that are kind of two dynamic records. If there was two chill songs, one would go on the first, one would go on the second and so on."

Dust will be out April 29 and fans looking to pre-order the album can do so here. As mentioned in the video for "The Cage," Tremonti are expected be out on tour in support of the album, presumably later this year.

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