There's nothing like meeting one of your idols and we all want to be cool, but how many of you have ever made a less than stellar impression in one of these situations? That's pretty much the setup for a new scene leaked ahead of the new Billie Joe Armstrong-starring film Ordinary World in which his former punk rocker-turned-family man gets the opportunity to meet Joan Jett.

In the clip seen above that premiered at Rolling Stone, Armstrong as the film's central character Perry meets up with an old flame (Judy Greer), who just so happens to be Jett's manager. When she offers an introduction to Jett, Perry doesn't exactly come up with the smoothest opening line. Watch it all play out in the video above.

In reality, Jett and Armstrong are friends, and she even joined Billie Joe at a post-screening party at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. So we're guessing she's okay with his social faux pas in the film.

The movie centers on the stunted Perry who has never fully embraced his life after giving up his history as a rocker. But his brother convinces him to have an old school bash at a hotel to celebrate his 40th birthday and reconnect with his rebellious youth. The film is set to screen in select theaters and arrive on DVD, both on Oct. 17. In addition to Ordinary World, Armstrong recently revealed that a film adaptation of American Idiot is in the works and that he will reprise his Broadway role of "St. Jimmy" in the upcoming HBO feature.

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