Tera Wray Static is honoring her late husband Wayne Static with some new body art. Static died on Nov. 1, 2014, at the age of 48. With a post on Static’s Facebook page yesterday (July 27), Tera Wray shared photos of a full sleeve tattoo she has had outlined that pays tribute to her late husband.

Wray is seen posing with the new tattoo and there are also shots showing close-ups of the sleeve art. The work includes phrases like “be with me, in my mind” and “I took my shape from your mind,” and includes images.

Shortly after those photos were put up, an ad for Jay'e Jones tattoos at Strata Tattoo Lab was posted on his page as well. Some fans criticized this, saying it desecrated the late Static's Facebook page. Jay'e Jones has since commented saying she "did not pay OR ask for it [the ad] to be posted." And that she was Wayne's tattoo artist, and is still Tera's. She revealed that she is the one "currently working on her memorial tattoos for Wayne, and that Wray put her ad up as a 'thank you' for her work on the sleeve.

Right after Static's death, both Wray and a publicist for the artist denied rumors that Static’s death was drug related but in March it was revealed that the longtime Static-X frontman died from a mix of prescription drugs and alcohol. The coroner’s report listed his official cause of death as “a mixed prescription drug (oxycodone, hydropmorphone, alprazolam) with alcohol toxicity, hours, due to chronic prescription drug and alcohol abuse, years” and cited the manner of his death as “natural.”

Since his passing in November, his friends, peers and family have all mourned in different ways. There was a memorial show in L.A., Dean Guitar debuted a Wayne Static tribute guitar at NAMM and musicians have spoken about how sad his passing has been.

Recently, his former Static-X bandmate Terry Campos spoke about witnessing Static head "down a path that none of the other guys wanted to go down" with drugs and alcohol, before his death. Campos also spoke of Static's disinterest in changing or getting advice or help from his friends. Read more here.

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