It's almost music festival season in the U.S. Ever wonder what the perfect music fest would look like?

Festivals are typically two to three days long, limiting the number of artists that can perform. If you're curious what your dream festival lineup would look like based on the artists you listen to the most, there is now a fun tool that lets you do so called Festify.

The website pulls data from your personal Spotify account if you have one, and creates a simulated music festival lineup based on who you listen to most frequently.

After logging in with your Spotify information, the website asks you to choose a time frame for it to pull its data from - the past month, the past six months, or as long as you've been a Spotify user. It is not officially affiliated with Spotify, as noted in the "About" section of the website.

Check out the examples below, and see your lineup here.

Unholy Space
Festify Lauryn

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