Deathcore veterans Whitechapel have just served up another offering from their forthcoming Kin album with a disturbing music video for the new song "A Bloodsoaked Symphony."

The track comes three week's after the arrival of "Lost Boy," which further showcased the band's ever-expanding sound, which now has a progressive lean amid the punishing rhythmic weight of their deathcore foundation. "A Bloodsoaked Symphony" directly follows "Lost Boy" on the Kin track listing, meaning fans can begin to gather a sense of cohesion in regards to how the album will flow.

A brutal, mid-tempo stomper, this new single utilizes haunting, atmospheric melodies to convey a sense of dread and ominous doom as Phil Bozeman reasserts his status as one of the best extreme metal vocalists in the modern era.

Watch the music video, directed by MyGoodEye's David Brodsky, at the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below.

Kin drops on Oct. 29 on Metal Blade and pre-orders can be placed here.

Whitechapel, "A Bloodsoaked Symphony" Lyrics

My conscious froze when I felt the cold embrace of the hand that crafted me
I set my soul ablaze, I crawled through the nether and left a suicide letter next to my own severed head
I think I should be dead but that’s the beauty of selling yourself to sin
But again, we are men craving winter’s end
Wishing to live within our origin again

The door to immortality is shut
I can’t take much more of the scent of mold
This sphere of madness burning in my gut
Has trapped me in this house again

Mother, I pray that your voice sings me to sleep
To save my sanity from the sound of this blood-soaked symphony
Father, I pray that your hand is warm again
My pain will never end until you both come back to me

I can feel the devil’s presence, he never left this house
Now I can live my third depth fantasy
Draw him straight to me and drain every last drop from his arteries

A sacrifice of blood wakes the eye
It looks to turn this iron into gold
I place my hand upon the ancient god
I surrender my life
I bring the gift of resurrection
The power returns from which it came
Now grant me what I have gifted
Mother, father come back to me

In blood and bone I carve an oath
To save this boy from this shattered home
Tonight we bathe in blood and drink
From the skull of the beast that left his heart so cold
In a perfect world we could take his whole family’s soul
And fuel our hearts with the hate I have
For the beast in us all

Whitechapel, "A Bloodsoaked Symphony" Music Video

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