Wilson are a band that everyone talked about during the 2014 ShipRocked Cruise as they crushed both the Melati Stage and the Headbanger’s Lounge. It’s no surprise they will be at sea again since it was recently announced the band will be part of Motorhead’s first ever Motorboat 2014 Cruise this year.

While on a private island in the Bahamas, we found some shade and sat down with Wilson vocalist Chad Nicefield. The vocalist talked all about the crazy experience that is ShipRocked as well as the band’s latest album ‘Full Blast F---ery’ and why flip-flops are so damn important to him. Check out our interview with Chad Nicefield of Wilson below:

How has ShipRocked 2014 treated you?

It’s been an amazing experience. Never in my life did I think 20 years ago, when I picked up a guitar that I would ever be playing on a cruise ship. That wasn’t even the first thing on my mind, it was probably to get the chick in middle school.

Is that why you got into music, to get the chick in middle school?

No, I was actually just a huge nerd. I played ‘Magic: The Gathering’ and ‘Dungeons & Dragons.’ Me and my buddy, we started playing music because we fell in love with Toadies and we were like, “We want to be in a band” and then there were the chicks. We were 10 or something like that. [Laughs]

You guys claim to be party animals. When did you realize this transition of going from a nerd to a party animal?

I think that was always in me. Even when I played ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ years ago, I used to be the guy who drank all the Surge just to stay up really late. [Laughs] They would make fun of me because I drank all the Surge and then would fall asleep before everyone else . I’d say I’ve always kind of known because it runs in my family and we’re from the Midwest, from Detroit, so it’s kind of hard not to have that animalistic behavior.

Any crazy party stories lately, perhaps on the ship?

Uh yeah. Last night we drank really heavily and I don’t think any of us really went to bed for more than an hour.  All of us put our bare a--es on both sides of the starboard of the ship. [Laughs] We’ve been running around trying to do the most hilarious, f----ed up things we possibly could. We also found some people who had weed, so we smoked weed watching the sun come up, on the ship, with our a—es hanging out.

For ShipRocked, that actually doesn’t sound too bad, it seems very relaxing.

[Laughs] Oh really? There are probably some debaucheries that happened that I shouldn’t talk about. I think one of the guys said they woke up with the taste of a—in his mouth, so I’m pretty sure he got somewhere he didn’t need to be.

Well you guys drank, smoked weed … and had your a—es hanging out ...

Right, who knows who’s a—was in his mouth! [Laughs]

Enough of this a—talk, as much as I’m enjoying it. Of all the bands on ShipRocked, if you could front any one of them, who would it be and why?

Of all the bands on the boat, for nostalgic purposes it would have to be either Living Colour or Candlebox – probably Living Colour that would be awesome. [Laughs]

Even though you mentioned earlier to me that you weren’t really a beach person. If you were stuck on this private island for an unknown amount of time and you could only listen to a full collection of one artist who would it be?

The Toadies. I’m a huge Toadies fan.

I love the title name of your record, ‘Full Blast F---ery.’  What does this album title mean to you personally?

To me personally, there were these periods when we were writing the record and we’re kind of weird, eccentric dudes and we’d come up with these stories and build these characters. There would be these elaborate themes in our brainholes and things that shouldn’t ever happen, the most f---ed up things you could possibly think of and that’s how we would entertain ourselves while writing the music and coming up with ideas.

I could just remember us sitting in the room and saying, “This s--- is full blast f---ery.” [Laughs] And then being like, “Dude I think that’s our record title!” To sum it up, it’s all the quiet things that nobody ever really talks about and putting them out there is full blast f---ery as f---.

How was the overall recording process for you?

It was cool. It was long, we actually did it in two different places. We did some of it in Michigan and some of it in Los Angeles. In the course of four months, not consecutively but did some stuff in Michigan for a month and the rest of it in two weeks in Los Angeles. It was really awesome.

Just out of curiosity, I’m sure you get this a lot but where did the name Wilson come from?

Jason [Spencer] he started the band when he was going to college, four or five years ago. I’m not the original singer but I came about shortly after. When he was making the band and they had booked their first show, everybody in the band were just college dudes and buddies and they were doing Battle of the Bands or something and they needed a name for the flyer. He was drunk and was like, “Call that s--- Wilson, man.” [Laughs] Then it just continued to stick with more shows, it kind of has that old timey, aesthetic feel to it. We just kept it.

For you, what would you say are your personal aspirations for Wilson’s future?

To play on a cruise ship, oh wait we’re doing that? [Laughs] What we’ve done thus far is mind boggling to begin with. I really have no exact aspiration, I just want to see what else we can do. I like playing music and I like having a good time and meeting people. The idea of rock and roll gets so skewed nowadays where people take it a little too seriously. Music is a release, it’s supposed to be fun. For us, if we can make it the most fun as we possibly can then my personal aspiration is to see as many people – as cheesy as it sounds – with stupid, f---ing, s----ing grins on their faces, enjoying life.

What does the near future, the rest of 2014 hold in store for Wilson?

We’re writing more music. We’re doing Rock on the Range, we got a couple of other festivals we’re doing in the Midwest and some tours are going to be announced soon. The idea is to keep the old f---ery train moving, get ready for the next record and all that sort of stuff.

With this forthcoming touring, what is one thing you must have on tour with you? It cannot be electronic.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to that, s--- I’d have to say these pair of flip-flops. They are the first pair of flip-flops that I’ve ever owned in my entire life and I got them in August when we were on tour with a couple bands and everybody was wearing flip flops. It was really f---ing hot and I hate the heat and I was like, “Man, I’m just going to get these flip-flops.”

I got a pair of flip-flops and it changed my f---ing life. I never realized how much more enjoyable and easier life could be to not wear f---ing shoes, especially  when you’re in a van all the time in and out. You’re like “Okay it’s time to go take a s---  at the rest stop. I’ll just throw the flippy floppies on and get out there.” In the winter it’s different but right now if I didn’t have flip-flops, I’d be a miserable dude. It probably sounds weird right?

No that’s totally normal, there’s nothing worse than a sweaty, smelly, cheese foot when it’s hot.

I could probably think there’s one thing worse than that and that’s a sweaty, smelly chesse d--- in the heat. Swamp a—is bad too. I guess in the same bracket as flip-flops I would put moist towlettes in there.

Check out a list of tour dates here to see where you can party with Wilson.