Welcome to our second edition of Worst Rock Tattoos Ever. In 2011, we posted 10 Worst Rock Tattoos Ever, which quickly became one of the most popular original features on our site.

To give thanks to our readers and to entertain you further with some of the most questionable ink ever committed to skin, we offer more of the Worst Rock Tattoos Ever.

Bands who served as inspiration for the poor saps on this new list are Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Bon Jovi and Metallica, among others. Remember kids, tattoos are permanent (unless you've got big bucks for multiple laser treatments), so let this list be a warning to you. Think hard before you get a new tat, because you may end up on Part 3 of our worst tattoos list. For now, click below to start viewing Loudwire's Worst Rock Tattoos Ever - Part 2.


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