Throughout history, the world's greatest artistic minds have stood in awe after the completion of their master works. Picture Michaelangelo gazing upwards at the beautiful ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Edvard Munch realizing the terrifying power of The Scream or Leonardo Da Vinci gazing into the eyes of the Mona Lisa. Today, many of our greatest (and worst) artists are in the tattoo business. As you feast your eyes upon the following 10 works of art, ponder whether these modern-day Picassos felt that same rush after permanently inking the bodies of these poor souls. For your viewing pleasure (or displeasure), Loudwire presents the 10 Worst Hard Rock Tattoos Ever:

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    Awful Axl Rose Tattoo

    Wait, this is supposed to be Axl Rose? It's a bit difficult to put this tattoo into context when Axl is surrounded by a Cauliflower Monster and a Viking wearing a dress. Sporting a cheesy magician mustache and a chin that vanishes halfway across his face, the Guns N' Roses singer isn't looking too great on this dude's back. At least it still looks better than Axl's Raggedy Ann braids.

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    Obnoxious My Chemical Romance Tattoo

    This tattoo isn't all that bad, it's just embarrassing. The obnoxiously large lyrics are from 'Famous Last Words,' the second single off My Chemical Romance's 2006 release, 'The Black Parade.' This begs the question, "Would anyone actually get this inked in 2011?" Let this be a lesson kids -- wait until some time has passed before branding yourself with a band name. I bet she'll regret this one by the time she turns 15.

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    Disappointing Dimebag Darrell Tattoo

    Following the tragic death of legendary Pantera/Damageplan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, literally hundreds of tribute tattoos began appearing all over the internet. The majority of the tats were beautifully crafted homages to Dimebag. Needless to say, this is not one of them. This tattoo would be horrible if it was taken out of a cracker jack box and applied with cold water, let alone injected into your skin by electric needles. Complete with googly eyes and a goatee that looks like Gene Simmons' tongue, this may be the worst Dimebag tattoo on Earth ... and let's not get into the "Heavy Metal" disaster below it.

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    Hair(y) Metal Leg

    "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me." This guy has acquired quite the collection of hair metal band names on his leg - Ratt, Motley Crue, Cinderella, Poison ... he's ready to hit the Sunset Strip with a platinum blonde wig and 6-inch heels. Fortunately, if this guy feels embarrassed after flaunting his ink, he can always claim to have drawn them on with a Bic pen and multicolored highlighters. Taking into consideration the amount of blotches within the almost unreadable band names on his calf, we'd be inclined to believe him.

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    Horrible Green Day Back Piece

    This tattoo may contain the worst portrait of a band member out of all the ink on this list. Green Day drummer Tre Cool (left) is the only face that is even remotely recognizable. Let your eyes wander to the right to find bassist Mike Dirnt looking more like Tyler Durden from 'Fight Club.' Finally glance upwards at frontman Billie Joe Armstrong doing his best impression of Kim Jong-il taking a dump. Also in a perfect display of irony, the portraits of the trio are accompanied by a crude rendition of the 'Dookie' album cover.

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    Grill 'Em All!

    Number five on our list is meant to be deliberately funny rather than unintentionally funny, but wow is it bad. Modeled after Metallica's classic album, 'Kill 'em All,' this guy thought of a real thigh-slapper when he realized that 'Kill' rhymes with 'Grill!' After sharing a good laugh with his buddies I'm sure, it must have only felt right to immortalize this play on words with a truly horrendous tattoo. Along with referencing Metallica's trademark logo, this tat is completed with a steak and cross-spatulas, making it all the more bad ass.

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    World's Worst Slayer Tattoo

    Give yourself a few seconds to take this one in. Slayer fans are infamous for their almost religious dedication to the band, most notably for carving the band's name into their skin with knives. That however could not be as painful as living with this mess on your back for the rest of your life. The 'S' is backwards for some reason, something Slayer have never done with their logo. The band have also never attempted to make their logo look like bad graffiti in a New York subway.

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    Horrendous Metallica Mural

    How is it possible for a tattoo to make someone look like a gelatinous blob? This Metallica monstrosity contains frontman James Hetfield looking like he just got his ass kicked, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett as the Frankenstein monster and Cliff Burton looking more like Jason Newsted after hearing '...And Justice For All' for the first time. Strangely this is only the second-worst back piece we've seen ... which brings us to No. 2.

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    Hair Metal Disaster

    A picture is worth a thousand words, which is roughly how many band names this guy has on his back. This gem has been passed around on the internet for years, which makes it all the more embarrassing. The portrait of Randy Rhoads is equally horrible ... and is that a Tuff logo?! This internet legend decided to dub his back "The House of Hair." We originally thought it said "The House of Pain," which would be fitting because the embarrassment of looking like a denim vest has probably left him the victim of countless verbal beatings.

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    Earth Crisis Face Tattoo

    Nothing says class and glamour like a nice face tattoo. This Denmark native took the ultimate step into "decisions you will undoubtedly regret" in getting an Earth Crisis tattoo where most guys would hope to sport some killer sideburns. Earth Crisis frontman Karl Buechner commented on the tattoo during an interview with Lambgoat: "I mean that's got to be the ultimate trump card. Plenty of bands can claim fans with respective artwork, but the face, that's just pure devotion."