Yungblud is up for the fight, and he's joined in his rebellion by electronic music producer Marshmello and rapper Blackbear for the collaborative effort "Tongue Tied."

The three musicians all turned up for the song's music video, which is set in a futuristic world where free speech is threatened. The Christian Breslauer-directed video stars Yungblud as a rebellion leader captured by a militant group known as the silencers, but just before his capture, he's able to pass off a key piece of intel through a fellow believer played by Joey King who is sent fleeing just ahead of the insurgence.

When the young rebel is captured and muted by the Silencers, she's eventually rescued by Blackbear and taken to a compound run by Marshmello where the uprising truly begins. As a call back to some of his previous work, Yungblud ends the clip with a poem that reads: “With only clarity engulfed inside our eyes / Untactful tongues and insightful minds / We lie here, been torn apart a couple thousand times / But through the fires we will arise / Unharmed, Untouched, Unused / Screaming nothing but anthems / For this Underrated Youth.”

Though Yungblud is the primary vocalist, it appears the song is credited first to Marshmello, with the track now available to purchase or stream at this location. For Marshmello, the collaboration provides another inroad into the rock world having teamed  up with A Day to Remember for the "Rescue Me" video earlier this year.

Yungblud has been promoting his Underrated Youth EP of late, which the collaborative "Original Me" with Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds scoring some attention.

Marshmello, Yungblud + Blackbear, "Tongue Tied"

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