Zakk Wylde and Ozzy Osbourne have always had such an admirable relationship as collaborators, and the guitarist has nothing but great memories of them working together. He's convinced that if the Prince of Darkness wasn't a musician, he'd be a stand-up comedian because of his sense of humor.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the album No More Tears, which was the duo's third studio record together. While Wylde said the experience making the album was a bit more relaxed than the first two had been, it was still a party for them all throughout.

"I mean, as far as the drinking and the shenanigans and the comedy, that just rolled over right from [1988's] No Rest for the Wicked right to No More Tears. It was nothing but comedy all the time," the guitarist recalled to AXS TV.

"I always said, with Ozz, it's a miracle any work ever gets done just because we're constantly… All's you gotta do is hang out with him for, like, five minutes, you'll be on the floor crying. 'Cause he's always taking the piss out of himself or whatever else is going on in the world," he continued. "He's the best. I was like, if he wasn't this legendary frontman and singer and everything like that, he'd have to do stand-up [comedy]. He's the best. He's hilarious."

Wylde just released his eleventh album with Black Label Society last week, Doom Crew Inc.and Osbourne had an unsurprisingly humorous opinion of it.

"He goes, 'I like the part before you put it on and when it ends, and I also like the parts in between the songs when it's just silence.' I go, 'Thanks, Ozz.' And he goes, 'Carry on. Good luck with the record.' I'd expect nothing less," Wylde said laughing.

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Though Wylde didn't appear on Ordinary Man, it's been confirmed that he plays rhythm guitar on Osbourne's entire next album, and will continue touring with him throughout 2023. See the rescheduled dates here.

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