Wait, that’s not Rob Halford! But it sounds exactly like him! Sometimes two vocalists’ styles are so similar you might get them mixed up, especially when one of them is a rock or metal legend.

Iron Maiden will go down as one of heavy metal’s most influential acts and that influence is extremely apparent in a band like Edguy. Vocalist Tobias Sammet’s operatic tenor sounds exactly like Bruce Dickinson at times, even when it comes to the phrasing of this lyrics. If you listen carefully, you can even hear Maiden-esque lyrics like “Gaze at the leaving clairvoyant” in “Tears of a Mandrake.”

Some acts are so incredible that they spawn bands of unapologetic worship. Take Ozzy Osbourne’s lonesome, whimpering bellow and compare it to Dan Fondelius of Count Raven. The styles are exactly the same for the sole purpose of tribute and emulation. Same goes for Meister Cagliostro of Attic, who doesn’t only utilize a carbon copy of King Diamond’s falsetto, but lyrics celebrating heavy metal’s love affair with classic horror.

Steel Panther took all their ‘80s metal heroes, expanded on their most ridiculous characteristics, wrote better songs than half of them and became the greatest parody act since 'Weird Al' Yankovic. To perfect the character of Michael Starr, Steel Panther’s singer used David Lee Roth as his muse (YOW!’s included) with frightening success.

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