The 2015 Loudwire Music Festival is in full swing and Saturday kept fans rocking all day long. After an opening night featuring Weezer, Theory of a Deadman and In This Moment leading the way, the tone was set and the acts on the Saturday bill stepped up their game to match the killer opening night.

Day 2's main stage ended with a stellar performance from the always awesome Linkin Park. After opening to great response with "Papercut," the band trotted out The Hunting Party favorite "Rebellion" and the song that started it all -- "One Step Closer" -- with Chester Bennington in full scream.

Meanwhile, A Day to Remember delivered what may have been the heaviest set of the festival so far. While the band is known for being able to play a wide range of music, they tailored their set to the heavier crowd. And yes, it was one of the most entertaining sets of the day as they opened the show with a shower of confetti and toilet paper. They also got fans crowd surfing and doing the wave.

Rock vets Chevelle delivered one of the day's top sets. Pete Loeffler bounded around the stage and joked with the crowd that he lost a bet and was wearing wool socks in the 100 degree heat. Their performance was highlighted by such favorites as "The Clincher," "Take Out the Gunman," "Send the Pain Below" and an audience sing-along on "The Red."

One of the most interesting newcomers of the past year, Nothing More wowed the crowd were their heavily percussive performance. Singer Jonny Hawkins was a wild man onstage, commanding the crowd shirtless as he used a drumkit as both an instrument and a platform. Not to mention, the band broke out their insane bassinator instrument, whirling it around to the audience's disbelief and awe. Hawkins spotted fans taking a dip in the VIP pool and after the performance he made good on a promise to jump in with them.

The main stage also included performances from The Chimpz and The Comedown opening the day. The Chimpz delivered a high energy, well received set that included their current single "California," and found one member performing with a "hulk hand." Meanwhile, on the Budweiser side stages, Otherwise played to a huge crowd, who got an up close and personal set from the band. The fans went nuts as they delivered a blistering set. Wayland, Splitfist also rocked out on the side stages, while The Chimpz also got in their second raucous set of the day.

Check out a full gallery of photos above, as well as exclusive videos below!

2015 Loudwire Music Festival Day 2 Video Recap

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