Earlier this month, All That Remains unveiled a pair of new songs from their next studio album. Now, one of those tracks, "Madness," has a lyric video that we're exclusively premiering right here at Loudwire.

After a driving guitar and bass open, "Madness" transitions to a more melodic song with clean vocals laying over a soft verse. But things pick up with frontman Phil Labonte delivering a more immediate, attention-commanding chorus focused on the repeated negative actions.

The lyric video opens with a definition of "Madness," explaining that it's "a state of frenzied or chaotic activity." As the lyrics roll out, we see that the message is being tied to the military with animation of soldiers with weapons drawn while the occasional fiery explosions populate the visual as well. Midway through the song, the lyrics take a back seat during an instrumental portion revealing statistics regarding homeless military vets, PTSD, mental problems, traumatic brain injuries and military suicide rates that populate the screen.

Labonte says of the song, "'Madness' is about how regardless of if it's society as a whole or individuals in relationships we tend to get into repetitive loops that can have recurring negative outcomes."

All That Remains are still finalizing details on their new album, titled Madness, which is expected to arrive April 28. However, they have started booking tour dates to support the disc. Beginning on April 8, the band will be back onstage with shows, including a number of festival dates, scheduled into July. See their current itinerary here.

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