Amon Amarth have been holding the flag high for viking metal for a long time, so it's only fitting the veteran Swedish act would put out a song called "The Way of Vikings." The song comes from the band's most recent disc, Jomsviking

The video is a visceral extrapolation of the song's most base elements. It takes the roaring guitar work and thundering drums to shots of men striking punching bags repeatedly, intercut with scenes of men sitting around a table smoking and gambling. Of course, all hell breaks loose at the gambling table, and the men get into a fight of their own while scenes of medieval combat of yesteryear happen on a television screen behind them. The video ends with the two boxers in training going after each other in a ring, to the delight of hundreds of screaming fans behind them. It's an interesting, exciting take on the song's subject matter, bringing the album's concepts of norse mythology and fantasy to a modern setting.

The video follows up others from Jomsviking, including one for "First Kill," when the album was initially announced in January 2016. Time will tell if the band will release any more visuals from Jomsviking or if they're going to head to the studio soon. Given what we've seen already from videos like these and "At Dawn's First Light," we don't mind either way!

Check out the video for 'The Way of Vikings' above!

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