Anthony Vincent has found fame on YouTube with his Ten Second Songs channel, where he covers an artist or song in a variety of styles. His latest clip finds him taking on Halestorm's "I Miss the Misery," and he even gets a shout out from the band in the clip before showing off his incredible range.

Before solidly nailing Lzzy Hale's original vocals on "I Miss the Misery," he starts to vary things up, going from Nine Inch Nails industrial heaviness to Ace of Base's poppy goodness and even copping Frankie Valli's super high vocals, all while singing the lyrics of the song. The oddest transition of all comes about midway through when Vincent goes boy band with a New Kids on the Block version into the full-on growl of Cradle of Filth and then transitioning into the old school cowboy swing of Roy Rogers.

For hard rock fans, Vincent does his best whiplash smile Billy Idol, sinister Alice Cooper, pop metal BabyMetal and high pitched King Diamond. Check out all the versions that Vincent lays down in the video above.

And, if you were curious about the song choice and the Halestorm intro, there is a connection. Vincent will join Halestorm on their Jagermeister Tour, helping to warm audiences up this fall. Dates for the run can be found here. To watch more of Vincent's Ten Second Songs videos, check out his YouTube site.

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