Now this is rock and roll! Let it never be said that Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz doesn't suffer for her art, as the rocker has reportedly been delivering some of her guttural vocals of late while playing with broken ribs.

According to a new post by former Arch Enemy vocalist and current manager Angela Gossow, White-Gluz recently injured herself while crashing into a stage riser. But as you can see, you can't stop the singer's desire to rock.

In the performance posted above, the frontwoman is still swinging her hair, pulling off a few stage poses and delivering the vocals needed while performing injured. The performance in the video is of the band's song 'Nemesis' as thoroughly rocked out at the New Age Club in Roncade, Italy on May 30.

Check out Gossow's post on the matter below:

Sending my love to Alissa White-Gluz who's been performing with broken ribs for a couple of gigs now after she crashed her riser.. Tough lady, pulling through with that kind of pain!

Our best to Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz as she recovers and much respect for playing through the pain. Rock on! Arch Enemy are currently touring in support of their 'War Eternal' album.