Arch Enemy have released a new video for "The Eagle Flies Above," off their upcoming album Will to Power, due out Sept. 8. It marks another new track from the record, following their crushing "The Wold Is Yours."

The video focuses on the band playing in a valley, while an eagle soars over them, taking in a variety of different sights. Singer Alissa White-Gluz belts out some killer gutteral screams during the song while the band hammers on behind her. What results is an undeniably catchy, and forcefully heavy track that has all the drama and excitement fans have come to expect from Arch Enemy in all their incarnations. The song ends with a totally killer and melodic solo, winding things into a focused frenzy.

Of the song, guitarist Michael Amott stated, "Strangely enough, this is a song I wrote in sunny Mexico last year, but fear not — Arch Enemy hasn't gone mariachi on you! On the contrary, this song is steeped in classic metal and melancholic Scandinavian atmosphere. Lyrically, this is an anthemic war cry to all fellow individualists around the heavy metal world. We shot the video with our director Patric Ullaeus in Sweden on the coldest outdoor shoot I can recall ever doing! The end result was totally worth it; it turned out beautifully. I guess sometimes you really have to suffer for the art!"

Will to Power marks the second record with White-Gluz after the exit of Angela Gossow, who became the band's full time manager. Look for Arch Enemy on their upcoming trek this fall with Trivium. It's sure to be a killer time for all.

Watch "The Eagle Flies Above" video now!

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