Arch Enemy’s 10th studio album, Will to Power, will finally see the light of day tomorrow (Sept. 8). To get the scoop on Arch Enemy’s latest effort, we invited guitarist Michael Amott and vocalist Alissa White-Gluz to Loudwire HQ.

Alissa White-Gluz’s debut with Arch Enemy, War Eternal, was released extremely quickly after she had been named the successor to Angela Gossow. Now that she’s been in the band for three years, we asked if Will to Power was more of a collaborative effort than the previous album. “It was actually exactly the same,” White-Gluz says. “I feel just as much a part of War Eternal as I do Will to Power.”

Amott adds, “When we were doing War Eternal, we were literally getting to know each other as people and creating a new album together at the same time. We’re beyond that now … When you’re writing songs, you have your own language and I think we’ve established that language, that form of communication.”

During Alissa’s final years with The Agonist, she made it well known that she was deeply unhappy. She actually worked extremely hard to pull herself out of that slump, with her new gig in Arch Enemy helping tremendously. “Until you are familiar with what [depression] is, you don’t know what’s happening,” Alissa says. “You think you’re dying, you think you’re sick … I managed to get myself out of that hole. It took like six or eight months of self-help books, daily self-cognitive behavioral therapy… but I did it. That was just a weird time in my life, but actually very empowering because I realized that I was able to get myself out.”

Check out our full interview with Arch Enemy above and make sure to grab a copy of Will to Power!

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