Babymetal are putting on a unique series of shows called The Five Fox Festival. The Japan gigs will all either have gender or age restrictions or will require fans to come in corpse paint.

The festival dates will all take place this summer, but you’ll probably only get to attend one if it comes to your city. The five foxes are all categorized by color and here are the stipulations for attendance:

Black Fox Festival: Males Only

Red Fox Festival: Females Only

Gold Fox Festival: Teenagers Only

Silver Fox Festival: Elementary School Children & 60+ Only

White Fox Festival: Dress Code - Corpse Paint

The black, red and gold festivals will take place in Minato and only be held once each. Silver and white nights will both be held three times each in multiple cities. Silver and white will take up six nights of Babymetal gigs — two in Tokyo, two in Nagoya and two in Osaka.

How strict will Babymetal be at these shows? According to the group, “In the case that the purchaser does not meet the specific conditions and wins the ticket, we reserve the right to refuse admittance.”

Check out the full list of dates below and be sure you meet the criteria before you grab tickets!

Babymetal Five Fox Festival Dates:

7/18 - Minato @ Akasaka BLITZ - Black Fox Festival
7/19 - Minato @ Akasaka BLITZ - Red Fox Festival
7/20 - Minato @ Akasaka BLITZ - Gold Fox Festival
7/25 - Tokyo @ DiverCity TOKYO - Silver Fox Festival
7/26 - Tokyo @ DiverCity TOKYO - White Fox Festival
08/08 - Nagoya @ Zepp - Silver Fox Festival
08/09 - Nagoya @ Zepp - White Fox Festival
08/29 - Osaka Bayside @ Zepp - Silver Fox Festival
08/30 - Osaka Bayside @ Zepp - White Fox Festival

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