Imagine being able to meet Metallica or open for Lady Gaga at stadium shows while still in your teenage years. BabyMetal have done just that, crossing the pop/metal barrier and becoming one of the most wildly successful acts of the 2010s.

We were thrilled to meet Su-metal, Moametal and Yuimetal, the three extremely charming young women who have led BabyMetal for the past five years. Along with an in-depth interview and round of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?', we spoke to the girls about some thrills they experienced in 2014.

When we asked BabyMetal about opening for Lady Gaga, Su-metal actually answered the entire question in English, explaining how the girls were nervous at first, but how fans opened up to the act once BabyMetal hit the stage.

As for Metallica, Su-metal explains how BabyMetal discovered the "heart of metal" through the thrash veterans while meeting them face-to-face and witnessing the band perform while traveling internationally.

Enjoy our latest exclusive video with the girls from BabyMetal!

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