BabyMetal's rise to fame has been almost unprecedented among metal acts which began to gain prominence in this decade. Beyond packing arenas in Japan, BabyMetal have begun to play to huge crowds around the world. In this interview, BabyMetal speak about their rise, along with appreciating heavy metal, fighting bullying through their lyrics and more. Check out the video interview above.

We were recently lucky enough to meet up with BabyMetal during the act's recent visit to New York City. Speaking of their rise to fame, Su-Metal explained how the international exposure happened. "About three years ago, we did our very first headlining show at a small venue where capacity is about 300 people," she says. "At that time, there were many 'Idol' fans in the crowd, but as we kept doing a lot of different concerts, we’ve started receiving more English comments from overseas on Youtube … Last year, we did our concert in Brixton in the U.K., which had about 5,000 people in the audience. We also played in Japan and 20,000 people came to see our performance. Now, we have not only 'Idol' fans but also metal fans."

BabyMetal were mostly unaware of metal music when they started the project, but in this interview, they explain how they've grown to appreciate the genre. "In the beginning, when we started out, we had no idea what metal music was, but thanks to the opportunity we’ve had since then, we’ve been able to be at a bunch of different festivals, not only watch but also perform with so many different metal bands live," says MoaMetal. "That’s really helping us learning about metal music and to get better."

In the video above, BabyMetal also discuss the topic of bullying, which they address in the track “Ijime, Dame, Zettai.” Watch above to see what Su-Metal says about that topic.

Check out the full interview with the girls from BabyMetal in the clip above!

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