The Fox God is shining down upon BABYMETAL fans once again. The band’s third studio album, Metal Galaxy, is right around the corner and we sat down with Su-metal and Moametal to talk all about it.

Of course, one of the biggest stories behind Metal Galaxy is that it’s BABYMETAL's first without the presence of Yuimetal. The vocalist was forced to bow out of BABYMETAL due to health issues, but her two longtime bandmates are focusing on keeping each other strong. “It’s been difficult,” Su-metal begins, “but her departure made the bond between Su-metal and Moametal even stronger.”

Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz and Sabaton’s Joakim Broden both make cameos on Metal Galaxy, and BABYMETAL had nice words for both singers. “Her vocal is so powerful and so cool. I love her voice,” Su-metal says about White-Gluz. As for Joakim, she calls working with the battle metal singer “really fun.” “After his voice was added, his vocal added more power to the song.”

Almost 10 years into their career, BABYMETAL still create music that sounds like nobody else. When we asked about their originality, Moametal responded, "I’m really happy that I get the opportunity to challenge myself. By doing that our audience sees that and enjoys it so that makes me even more happy. That’s why I want to keep challenging."

Watch our interview with the girls above. Metal Galaxy will be released Oct. 11, so click here to pre-order the record. Click here to grab tickets to BABYMETAL's current U.S. tour dates.

Special thanks to Tak Shibata for help with translating. Be sure to check out his killer metal band Quietude.

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