A pair of damsels not necessarily in distress; a major statement on bullying; a look at the plight of soldiers after the return to daily life; a prematurely aged rock band; and an animated group armed with a barcalounger, a kielbasa and a basket full of evil kitties. Those are just some of the things you'll find amongst 2014's Best Rock Videos.

While there's not as many outlets these days, the video art form is still alive and well thanks to bands and directors willing to invest themselves in informative and entertaining ideas. Check out the nominees for the Best Rock Video of 2014 below, then vote for which clip you want to be honored in the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards in the poll provided.


  • 'Talk S--t, Get Shot'

    Body Count

    It's been a while since Body Count last rocked audiences, and the advent of Internet trash talkers has definitely taken off since then. But trollers best respect, because Body Count serve up a humorously violent clip as a message to those ready to rain on their return.

  • 'Drown'

    Bring Me the Horizon

    Bring Me the Horizon's 'Drown' starts off like something you've seen before, with the band placed in talk show-styled TV performance. All suited up, the band take the stage, but this is no ordinary performance. An audience made up of hospital patients, a particularly hairy situation with the band's drummer, an exorcism and an intermission featuring a Muzak version of 'Drown' make for a truly entertaining clip.

  • 'Wrong Side of Heaven'

    Five Finger Death Punch

    Five Finger Death Punch have always had strong ties to the military and with their 'Wrong Side of Heaven' clip, they put the spotlight on the hardships that soldiers face after they return home. Themes of homelessness and post-traumatic stress disorder play out in the clip, and in conjunction with the video, 5FDP raised lots of money with a campaign for veterans to get the help they need readjusting to civilian life.

  • 'Hater'


    Korn deliver one of their most powerful clips in years as some of their fans star in the 'Hater' video, which serves as a statement on bullying. The David Yarovesky-directed clip offers some striking milky white and blood red imagery interspersed with some touching and gut-wrenching testimonials from Korn fans.

  • 'Electric Halo'


    Beware false prophets, no matter how shiny their halo may be. That's the message in Kyng's 'Electric Halo,' which centers on a charismatic religious leader getting his comeuppance courtesy of an audience member who really doesn't look the part. 'Electric Halo' stands out as one of the more intriguing clips of the year.

  • 'The Duke'

    Monster Magnet

    Monster Magnet's swampy rocker 'The Duke' gets one of the year's standout clips courtesy of director Phil Mucci. In this animated clip, a young woman survives a nuclear attack only to be taken in by military personnel who study how she came through the experience. But is she an innocent woman in a bad situation or literally a bombshell waiting to go off?

  • 'Dividing By Zero' / 'Slim Pickens'

    The Offspring

    The Offspring offered an animated epic clip that spanned two of the songs from their 'Days Go By' album -- 'Dividing By Zero' and 'Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell.' The clip follows a harried fighter pilot trying to complete his mission, followed by the hellish aftermath of his actions.

  • 'Crows in Swine'

    Red Fang's humor has shown in their past videos and carries over to the animated clip for 'Crows in Swine.' In the video the band members appear as gods on a mountain who come to life in order to aid a young girl save her village. Armed with a barcalounger, a kielbasa, a guitar and a basket full of evil kitties, the band show off their superhero powers.

  • 'Figure It Out'

    Royal Blood

    The title of Royal Blood's 'Figure It Out' is appropriate given that viewers are dropped in on a violent scene unfolding and perception is played with as the colored hues change. Is the young woman a damsel in distress, the victim of a bloody attack, or is she the aggressor causing others to flea? Watching it play out is part of the fun.

  • 'Same Damn Life'


    Will Seether be rocking well into old age? If so, we bet it may actually look like the video for 'Same Damn Life,' in which the guys break out their slacks, hair pieces and old folks makeup to rock out for the residents of a home for the elderly. It's truly a fun video and one of the year's best.