Who was the better '90s alt-rock hero - Beck or 311? That's the debate at the center of this week's Chuck's Fight Club on Loudwire Nights as we look at the careers of two consistently great and long-lasting acts from the alt-rock genre.

Both acts found a way of working a funkier sound into their brand of rock, finding great success across the latter portion of the decade in the process.

Beck broke on the scene in 1994 with "Loser" off his Mellow Gold album, then saw a giant step forward in airplay with 1996's Odelay that featured "Where It's At," "Devil's Haircut," "The New Pollution" and more. The more somber, stripped-back Mutations album and the good-time grooves of Midnitte Vultures would finish out an impressive decade for the musician.

311, meanwhile, used elements of ska, rap, reggae and funk to make their own mark on the '90s. After generating some positive buzz from their Music and Grassroots album, it was their self-titled third record that proved to be their breakout. The funky fresh vibes of "All Mixed Up" and the heavier hitting "Down" led the way. "Transistor" and "Beautiful Disaster" from their 1997 follow-up Transistor kept the radio hits coming, with 1999's Soundsystem and the single "Come Original" helping finish the decade strong.

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As with each, Chuck's Fight Club, radio host Chuck Armstrong will introduce the battle at 8PM during the Monday Loudwire Nights broadcast. Beck gets a featured look at 8PM on Tuesday, with the argument for 311 coming at 8PM on Wednesday. And all week long you'll have a chance to vote on which act you think was the better '90s alt-rock hero. The winner will be announced during a featured block at 8PM during the Friday Loudwire Nights airing.

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