Black Veil Brides caused quite the stir this week after bassist Ashley Purdy claimed the band will break up following their upcoming Warped Tour dates. This was vehemently denied by vocalist Andy Biersack, who told us BVB never even talked about calling it quits. Before all this went down, however, we caught up with Biersack at Rock on the Range to get the latest on his next solo album and upcoming memoir.

Biersack, under the pseudonym Andy Black, released his debut solo effort in 2016. The Shadow Side featured collaborations with Gerard Way, Matt Skiba and more stars from the pop-punk/scene spectrum. Once his BVB commitments in 2018 are finished, Biersack will refocus on his solo efforts. “I expect to have [the new album] out first quarter of next year,” Biersack says. “Now that I’ve solidified what I think the project is, it’s been a lot easier to go in and write songs that, in my mind, feel appropriate for the project." He mentions that the album features another collaboration with Matt Skiba.

Though he’s only 27, Biersack will have a memoir out soon, mostly focusing on his upbringing before the explosion of BVB. “It’s a lot of little vignettes and things, not necessarily in chronological order, from growing up in Ohio, to moving to Los Angeles, to being in a band,” he explains. “Most of it cuts off before the band really takes off; it’s a lot about my childhood … It’s more about removing the veil, so to speak, and showing that it really is about dedication and hard work, and also luck.”

Check out our interview with Andy Biersack in the clip above.

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