As fanatical as Black Veil Brides fans are, it might be best to leave the band members alone. The group just shot a video for 'Coffin,' which takes this idea to the nth degree.

The video starts with the haunting strains of an old piano set inside a dark room before we get performance shots of Black Veil Brides' Jinxx and Jake Pitts showing off some speedy and impressive guitar skills sending the 'Coffin' song into overdrive.

As the video leaves the band members, we see that the darkened room is lit by candlelight, and a pair of robed women appear in front of an altar with their own candles while a kneeling congregation watches on. The two women approach and eventually open a coffin with singer Andy Biersack inside. But they should really listen to the lyrics of the song.

The chorus of the track is: "I don't owe you anything / You'll only die your dream's forgotten / I've got my pride so hear me sing / I'll never let you steal my coffin." That should be the first clue that something not right is about to go down.

As one of the women reaches into the coffin to remove some shiny jewelry, a massive fireball emerges essentially taking out everyone who's gathered in the room. While still dark, the room remains lit thanks to the aftermath of the fiery mass. Check out the video below to see how it ends.

'Coffin' appears on Black Veil Brides' late 2011 EP, 'Rebels.'

Watch Black Veil Brides 'Coffin' Video