After two members of Black Veil Brides ventured out into some choppy Australian waters, one of them was apparently rescued from drowning, and it was captured in an episode of the reality show 'Rescue Bondi.'

'Rescue Bondi' is a reality TV show focused around lifeguards patrolling Bondi Beach near Sydney, Australia. The program has aired for nine seasons, and during the season finale, Black Veil Brides' Jake Pitts and Jinxx make an interesting appearance.

First off, the lifeguard who pulled guitarist / violinist Jinxx to shore mistook the two BVB members for females at first. "I had just come from a rescue at the other end of the beach and two girls in trouble off the Southern side of the main set of flags," begins lifeguard Azza B., "as I got closer I realized they were actually guys [with] long hair. The fellas were from a rock band, the Black Veil Brides. It kind of suits, because we did think they were both female when we went for the rescue."

BVB guitarist Jake Pitts was able to make it to shore without help from lifeguards. "The ocean is healing, yet deadly," says Pitts. "You have to know how to handle it. That's how I made it back in without a surfboard. I know how to handle the water, that's why you didn't see me getting rescued on the surfboard. I know how to do everything. I can build houses, I can surf, I can play music, I'll do everything. That's not a lie either, I can do it all."

There's no telling how dire the actual scenario was. Reality TV doesn't necessarily depict reality, but check out the clip above and judge for yourself.