Festivals around the world have paid tribute to late Motorhead frontman and all-around legend, Lemmy Kilmister. Bloodstock Open Air has special plans as to how they will honor the icon, displaying two specially-made bass guitars that just reek of all things Lemmy and Motorhead.

The festival commissioned Cynosure Guitars to create a pair of bass guitars, one which is a marvelous rendition of the band's infamous Snaggletooth mascot (seen above and below) and the other inspired by Lem's love for military, in particular the German World War II era (seen below) [via Music Radar].

The neck of the Snaggletooth bass aligns itself between the eyes of the fanged figure, brilliantly carved from wood with seemingly glowing eyes. The strings extend over the gaping jaws, baring pointed teeth where the pickups rest between. Each side is decorated with symmetrical tusks given a lighter finish on the wood for contrast as a chain dangles, connected to both sides.

As for the military-inspired bass, it boasts a curved end of the body which takes on a pair shape, extending back outward near the top with two symmetrical, pointed tips. The mahogany bass is accented by a riveted steel plate where an eagle rests above an iron cross under the bridge. The side of the body boasts engraved oak leaves, the same which can be found on Lemmy's signature model bass.

“It was a sad day for the world when Lemmy passed," Cynosure told Music Radar. "Upon hearing the tragic news, Paul Raymond Gregory (founder and director of Bloodstock) immediately approached me in regards to creating a very special unique type of guitar that signified the vision and general atmosphere of the band, but more specifically, the prominent, legendary force that is Lemmy."

Bloodstock Open Air will take place between Aug. 11 and 14 in the U.K.

The rock and metal community has weathered the loss of numerous icons in the last year with the death of Lemmy leaving a devastating impact. Fans have responded with around the world support of the beloved frontman, erecting statues, naming festival stages in his honor and even some bars going as far as to listing Lem's beverage of choice — the Jack and Coke — to simply 'The Lemmy.'

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