Born of Osiris are still off tour while guitarist Lee McKinney continues his recovery from a broken foot. However, there is a chance that the band will eventually get to take part in their planned dates with GWAR this fall. The group is eyeing a potential mid-November return.

In late October, the band was preparing to release their Soul Sphere album and after one of their performances, McKinney broke his foot in multiple spots. He underwent surgery, which was deemed a success, and was hoping to return as soon as possible. However, the band had to bow out of their immediate shows and revealed that they would be off tour "until further notice." Now comes the following update:

Hey everyone. Just a reminder that we will not be making this Chicago show with GWAR tonight due to Lee's injury. He has been medically cleared to leave again on the 15th after his last important doctor’s operation that will finally have him in a hard cast, and able to hit the road again.

In the comments for the posting a few fans stated their desire for a quick return and one stated that they missed seeing the band at one of their West Coast shows, which got the following response, presumably from McKinney.

We were bummed too for sure. playing shows especially on the west coast can be some of our favorite parts about touring in a band. unfortunately with surgeries and removing stitches I'm still in a soft cast with no support or protection. Doctor said once I have a hard cast I'm good to go. I'll be in a wheelchair for the shows, but it's the best I can do right now. Thank you for your patience.

The GWAR tour runs through Nov. 28. See the remaining dates here.