What do you do now? That is one of the biggest questions that comes up after the unexpected death of a bandmate, friend and identifiable member of your group, and it's one that We Came as Romans are facing head on. With the recent death of co-vocalist Kyle Pavone from an accidental overdose, the band started up a foundation in his name and decided to honor their tour commitments with Bullet for My Valentine, using the trek as a way to salute their fallen bandmate.

The band just played their first show without Pavone at The Pageant in St. Louis, and Matt Tuck of headliners Bullet for My Valentine spoke with Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez about the emotional evening; he watched their show from the side of the stage.

“It was an odd mood. The boys were very clearly upset. The crowd was just very with them every step of the way," said Tuck of their show. "It was mixed emotions of highs and lows. The mood was very positive because the guys were onstage and celebrating Kyle and making sure that people were aware of who he was and for those who didn’t know, [explaining] what happened, but most already did [know]."

Tuck continues, "For me watching on the side of the stage, I just felt incredible pride that they were even there. We didn’t expect them to be on the tour after what happened. To make the decision to get on with what they needed to do and obviously to honor Kyle’s name and the foundation that they’ve now set up to do that, it’s a very sad and tragic situation but they’re doing their very best to turn it into a positive one, which is amazing.”

With the first show out of the way, Tuck suspects things will be a little easier for the band, as much as it can be in this situation. He says, "Yesterday, you could see it was very visible how distracted they were. It was really sad to see, but good on them for being there and finding the strength to get onstage, because like I said, we didn’t expect them to be on this tour after what happened. Massive respect to the boys for being there last night.”

Bullet for My Valentine are currently supporting their Gravity album, while We Came as Romans are opening dates. You can see the upcoming stops on the tour at this location. To find out where you can hear Loudwire Nights, check here.

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