Chevelle will finish out 2012 with their greatest hits collection, 'Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favorites,' and as with most hits compilations, there's at least one or two new songs tacked on. In this case, fans will have a chance to check out 'Fizgig,' a track that upon first listen fits perfectly right alongside of the rest of the band's favorites.

The group just debuted the song via a theatrical lyric video posted at their website. What exactly does 'Fizgig' mean? It's defined as a flirtatious or frivolous girl, but the word isn't even uttered during the length of the song. However, the track itself is vintage Chevelle.

It opens with a darkly haunting, industrial sound but picks up before the first words are sung. The end result is a trudging yet aggressive rocker that could have found itself just as comfortable in the grunge era of rock as it does today.

With a lyric like, "The past is on the phone. New roads don't pave themselves," this may seem like the perfect bridge between the first portion of the band's career and what's to come, but the song isn't so much about the group's transition as it is an angsty ode about moving on from a relationship with Pete Loeffler deftly adding in the requisite emotion to the track.

As for the lyric video, it's equally dark and haunting as it takes place in a darkly lit abandoned theater with the lyrics precariously hanging from the rafters one by one as the song progresses. Some words take solace in the shadows while others move front and center, sharing the stage with an odd array of imagery.

Chevelle's 'Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favorites' arrives in stores this Tuesday (Dec. 4). Check out the 'Fizgig' lyric video below.

Watch Chevelle's 'Fizgig' Lyric Video

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